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How Virtual Quizzes Can Benefit Your People

We are keeping your pub quiz love going with virtual online versions for your company.

This is a great way to boost staff morale, bringing people together online to socialise, test their knowledge and have a laugh.

Our tech is now up and running to enable us to entertain your people remotely as we move into a new phase of our work lives.

There are several options to make your virtual corporate quiz the best experience for your people.

The Video:

For the live video we can use our Zoom Business account or if you prefer your own internal comms.

The Host: 

We pride ourselves on offering professional actor hosts who are experienced in delivering fun pub quizzes.

The Quiz:

We will craft your 30 question general knowledge quiz from our library of over 500 quizzes with thousands of questions. The topics include these general knowledge topics: pop culture, tv, cinema, history, animals, geography, theatre, art, pop music, maths, sports, nature, anagram, technology, motoring, food, language, biology, literature, classical music, astronomy, science, gaming, logos.

The Answers: 

We have two options for you to enter your answers.

An online form on our website where team captains enter answers throughout the quiz and submit to our system at the end for marking. This format feels the most like a traditional pub quiz as it is just like a hard copy answer sheet and gives time during marking for socialising. The overall vibe is laid back and relaxed and best used for groups up to 20 teams only.

The second choice is our interactive trivia platform including text and multiple choice answers. Some questions can be timed for a modern, competitive edge feel. This platform can be used for any group size for a shorter quiz and for groups over 20 teams on our regular quiz timings.

Your Company Branding:

We like to make things personal at The Quiz Team and can easily brand either the answer sheet form or trivia platform with your company logo and brand colour.


We are a hands on (virtually of course!) company dedicated to giving you the best customer service in the quiz business. We will discuss with you the best technology options for your group size & type and vibe you want to create. Quizzes are matched to your audience through various criteria during the writing process and our team will be with you every step of the way from initial enquiry through planning to delivery of your event.

Let us do the work, so you can enjoy your event!

Send us your message to start discussing how best we can serve you and your people.

Charlene & Jez

The Quiz Team

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