The Quiz Team was founded in 2007 by actor Jez Worsnip.  It was born out of a curiosity for general knowledge and a love of engaging people and making them laugh. With quizzes that are well written and researched, varied, challenging & interesting. The aim is to bring people together in a pub or corporate event setting to be entertained, enlightened & to perhaps, win a few prizes along the way.
The company offers a variety of avenues to enjoy a pub quiz environment.
  • Corporate events
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Private parties
  • Weekly pub quizzes
  • Host your own – online quizzes for individuals & pub managers

Main objectives are to offer:
  • Fun
  • Entertainment
  • Competition
  • Team building
  • Time to escape every day stresses

Supporting performers: The Quiz Team strongly believes in supporting performers by providing them the chance to host quizzes during their “times of rest”.
Fostering future generations: The Quiz Team also supports the budding future generation of actors and playwrights through the London charity Scene & Heard.