Corporate Quiz Events

In-Person - Virtual - Hybrid


The Quiz Team is experienced and ready to entertain your corporate group with an in-person, virtual or hybrid quiz event!

How Our Quiz Events Can Benefit Your People

Corporate Quiz Events

In-Person – Virtual – Hybrid

Everyone loves a pub quiz for the corporate quiz event!

Gather your team on-line, at the office or in both settings for a fun time with The Quiz Team. It’s an easy way to boost morale, bring people together and get them laughing—and it works for team members anywhere around the world!

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How The Quiz Team can help create the best experience for your people:

  1. Easy event planning. We’re proud to provide the best customer service in the business. We’ll prepare everything that’s needed for the quiz and tailor the experience to your group’s unique needs and interests. All you need to do is inform and gather your team (placing them in teams), book your chosen venue for in-person quizzes and source your prizes.
  2. In-Person venue preparation. Once you book your chosen venue our team will visit to do a sound check and ensure the space is quiz ready.
  3. Collaborative video for virtual events. We have the flexibility to host corporate quiz events online and allow teams to collaborate privately using our Zoom account or your own internal platform.
  4. Easy-to-use quiz platform. We offer an interactive quiz platform that works great whether your group is gathering online, in-person or in a blended event. It presents teams with text and multiple-choice questions, timed questions, and media to support visual questions.
  5. Your professionally researched quiz. We will prepare your quiz with a variety of general knowledge topics, so there’s something for every member of your team! Quiz questions can include pop culture, history, sports, biology, geography, literature, science, music and more.
  6. The best quiz hosts. Our quiz hosts are professional actors and performers, experienced in how to entertain and deliver entertaining corporate quiz events!
  7. Your company branding. We can customize the quiz experience by adding your logo and brand colours to the quiz platform or answer sheet.

Our corporate quiz events are always a hit!

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