Planning your annual Christmas Party can be daunting. So many expectations, a tight budget and time frame. Here we give you a simple solution to your last minute stress.

Book your work party in the new year!

These are our top five clever reasons to plan your Christmas Party in the New Year.

  1. How many Christmas parties have you been invited to this holiday season? November and December are packed with options, which means more late nights and many tired mornings. It’s both exhausting and fun–but ultimately means more competing options for those you hope will attend.


  1. The months that follow Christmas are dull. We are all searching for things to do in those darker winter months and ways to beat the winter blues. Your Christmas-in-January party will be a welcome event in the face of January boredom.


  1. Some venues may be cheaper in the new year. If you are planning an in-person or hybrid in-person/online event, this could be your opportunity to save some money. Enough said!


  1. As the event planner you will have more time to plan your new year event if you book for February or March because you aren’t attending and recovering from all those pre-Christmas parties!


  1. Pub Quizzes are great at any time of year strengthening community, camaraderie, friendly competition and team building moments.


Are you inspired to book your Christmas Party in the new year? Get in touch to book your pub quiz party today!