We all love a great pub quiz here in the UK! There are so many reasons people join in with a weekly team at their local pub or nowadays online!

Here is a list we have compiled from our great participants over our 15 years in the business:

  • Camaraderie & company
  • A chance to showcase your general and/or specific knowledge
  • Time to chill out for a drink or meal with friends
  • Friendly competition with other regular teams
  • To learn something you never knew before
  • An evening to look forward to each week
  • To feel a part of a community
  • Time to enjoy an evening out of the house at your local
  • Participate in a night of laughs & have some fun
  • The chance to win free drinks, prizes or money!

What are your reasons for loving a weekly pub quiz each week?

Share yours with us on social media @thequizteam with the hashtag #LoveAPubQuiz – Photos welcome too! Let’s share our love of pub quizzes!