Corporate Event Ideas…

Choosing the theme of your corporate event can be challenging in London with a variety of ideas on offer. Do you go with a fitness, casino, gaming, karaoke, escape room, virtual golf, wine tasting or just a good old fashioned stand up cocktail party. 

We think the tried and true pub quiz ticks all the right boxes!

Of course here at The Quiz Team we are biased but we know a good night out when we see it over and over again.

The first big tick is the team building aspect of a pub quiz. Teams of between 3-8 work together to answer the questions by complementing each other’s knowledge. We often hear people say, “Oh, I suck at pub quizzes, my trivia is crap!”. In turn we reply with, “The beauty of a pub quiz is that you are with a variety of others who are all interested in and good at other stuff. So, you bring your niche expertise to the table to contribute in your ways to blend with your teammates.” Here you will be learning how to work as a team to pull out each other’s wisdom and decide on the best answer to each question.

The second tick is that if you decide….someone else can do the work for you! Yes, you can pull a free quiz off the internet and host the event yourself but how many work places really have someone who loves the spotlight that much. And yet others will take on the challenge of writing their own pub quiz….whoa!….stop right there….we know how long this takes as we have been writing pub quizzes week on week for over thirteen years. Do it if you dare! Our usp is “Let us do the work, so you can enjoy your event.”

Thirdly….you get entertainment and laughter. This one relies on an element of point two, who is hosting? We pride ourselves on only hiring trained actors and performers who know how to interact, make you laugh and challenge you at the same time. Check out our hosts here. 

Number four. This meshes with number one. Most people will and can engage with a pub quiz event because it is general knowledge in a relaxed setting. No go hard or go home scary fitness or specific game knowledge or embarrassing singing in front of everyone. Just a great sit down, enjoyable evening with colleagues or friends sharing a drink, rubbing your head trying to remember so-and-so’s name for that tricky answer!

Finally five…The venue. This can be tricky. Do you want to be in your office or get out into a different environment? We have found that the latter is…….

a great option to give employees a break from their day to day scene and let their hair down.

Have we convinced you of the fun, good night out benefits of a pub quiz? 

Get in touch with one of our team today to see how we can do the work, so you enjoy your event! 

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